Free housing program

For upcoming and established dance instructors, choreographers, dancers living out of the Netherlands.

About Global Dance Centre
Global Dance Centre (GDC) is the Netherlands leading urban dance studio.
We offer a variety of professional dance classes for beginners, advanced dancers, children and adults. For the past 12 years Global Dance Centre has grown to be the capital of dance in Amsterdam, with now four different branches in the following cities: Amsterdam, Almere, Hoorn and Rotterdam. International choreographers like Luther Brown, Keone Madrid, Galen Hooks, Lyle Beniga, Shaun Evaristo, Timor Steffens, David Moore, Tucker Barkley and many others have taught workshops and masterclasses at GDC. Therefor Global Dance Centre has been marked as the Dutch beating heart of dance. Our faculty teachers and office staff are key role-players in making Global Dance Centre an everyday home for people with a love for dance.

Global Dance Centre now offers a FREE short stay housing plan in Amsterdam for upcoming and established dance instructor’s, choreographers and dancers in various styles living out of the Netherlands, who are planning to visit Amsterdam for a short stay.

Have you always wanted to visit Amsterdam and explore the Dutch culture, while teaching at Global Dance Centre?

Apply now for our limited FREE short stay housing plan in Amsterdam.

How to apply? Send us the following information to:

-A Youtube/Vimeo/Filetranser link of your recent work
-Your resume or write us your experience in a brief letter
-A full body and headshot of yourself
-Date you are planning to travel to the Netherlands (Amsterdam)

Impotant: We will provide you with our policy terms and conditions, our short stay housing plan starts october 2016.

-Must be at least 18 years
-At least two years of experience as a dance instructor
-Responsible personality
-valid passport

We offer
-Free short stay in Amsterdam for a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 14 days.
-We cover ground transportation costs to travel to the studios

We don’t
-Pay for any form of transportation to travel from country of resident to the Netherlands.
(meaning we don’t pay for your flight, boat, bus or train)
-cover food, beverage expenses
-cover (tourist) entertainment
-cover guests/company or friends your traveling with
-allow pets

Founder Global Dance Centre
The studio was founded in 2004 by choreographer and entrepreneur Nicholas ‘Shaker’ Singer.
Nicholas who is the oldest child out of four and from African descent was born in Liberia (West Africa) at an age of six he came to Amsterdam an lived there ever since. His mother practiced traditional African dance, so dancing wasn’t something strange for him. At an age of 18 Nicholas,  who goes by his artist name ‘Shaker’ felt that it was right to follow his dream at that very young age. He felt the urge to create a place in an old school gym, where people who loved street dance could come together and share the same passion. As the years flew by a lot of entrepreneurial setbacks forced him to close the studio, but not for long. He was determent about bringing people together through dance and reopened the studio after a short while. Along his career the commercial side of the industry crossed his path. Making him one of the top hip hop choreographers in the Netherlands, combined with his love for entrepreneurship. Nicholas owns a clothing line an entertainment booking company and recently launched an On Demand media production company that produces online TV content for children.

It might seem as an undoable agenda, but you can find him every day at one of his Global Dance Centre branches teaching dance classes.